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Biomedical Engineering Application Assistance (BMEAAP)

The BME Application Assistance Program is a student-run initiative at the Johns Hopkins University that supports prospective applicants from underrepresented backgrounds or non-traditional paths by pairing them with current graduate students to review application materials throughout the process of applying to a BME PhD program.

BMEAAP is now accepting applications! Please fill out this form at your earliest convenience to be considered;

Mission Statement

Our Mission

The BMEAAP aims to encourage applications to the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) BME PhD program from students that will help shape a respectful and diverse academic community. We do this by providing improved accessibility and guidance throughout the application process for those that may need it most. Diversity of background, thought, and of life experience is essential in cultivating our vibrant scientific community at JHU BME. BMEAAP will support motivated applicants who identify with groups that are historically disadvantaged, underrepresented within STEM, or come from non-traditional academic backgrounds and may lack support and/or guidance in their pursuit of higher education.

Who is eligible to be a mentee?

BMEAAP is designed for prospective BME PhD graduate students that may lack support in their pursuit of higher education. These students may be less likely to know how to navigate the application process; to know what graduate school application reviewers are looking for; to know how best to approach a CV or a personal statement. Mentees are currently undergoing the process of applying to BME PhD programs, but not exclusively to our JHU BME program.  
Since there are many dimensions of diversity, mentees may be a member of an under-represented racial or ethnic group; or first-generation college students; or they may have a disability, visible or invisible. In common, these groups may have less access to resources and knowledge about graduate school.

How the Program Works

Get Connected and Submit Application to BMEAAP

Fill out the mentee application here by November 6th, 2023. The earlier you submit an application, the better!

Send Materials

Once you have submitted an application, please send rough drafts of your application materials via email. We encourage applicants to submit materials early, as we may not be able to guarantee a mentor match late in the application season.


Once materials are submitted, our program will match you with a current student in the program to review your materials and discuss ways to improve your application! 

How the Progam Works

How to Apply

To join the program as a mentee, please fill out a short application, after which the BMEAAP board members will review. Once all materials are received and eligibility is confirmed, prospective applicants will be paired with graduate student mentors. Submitted materials do not need to be finalized versions - and the sooner a working draft is received the more likely it is to find a suitable match for the mentee. We strongly encourage early submission of materials, even in an incomplete state. 

Applications (AND materials) to the Biomedical Engineering Application Assistance Program will be accepted from September 20th to November 10th, 2023 to allow our mentor volunteers enough time to review the prospective student’s provided materials before university deadlines for application materials.

Please be mindful of the fact that the graduate students involved with BMEAAP are volunteering time and effort to support interested prospective applicants. Again, please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

How to Apply

Recent Updates

January 2024

We are hosting a panel with current BME PhD students to provide helpful tips and responds to any questions concerning this stage of the application process! 

Updates Board

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